It’s time for the harvest… and the first reports!

Here we go. Harvest 2019 has just started. Mid-August this year, a bit later compared to the usual schedule, due to a cool and rainy spring which, although feared, didn’t bring any consequences, thanks to the winds which aired the vineyards and guaranteed a good health of the vines.

The white grapes are the first ones to be picked. Thanks to the mild climate, they reached an excellent balance between the acid profile and the sugar content, the latter having developed slowly and consistently.

The first reports are satisfying: light decrease in quantity balanced by a great qualitative profile of the grapes.

All the ideal premises for obtaining fine and fresh white wines… and it’s only the beginning! Primitivo is just around the corner, being the first red grape variety that starts the dance, beginning with the small bush vines whose bunches will be waiting just a few more days, basking in the sun.